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Most individuals are required to file income tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service and the respective state agency. You want to claim every valid deduction in order to pay the lowest amount of tax necessary. But you also want to make sure to not underreport your tax liability and thereby incur penalties and interest. We can help you meet your filing obligations while reducing your overall tax burden.


Our office can prepare your return at a reasonable rate. We do not believe in charging you extra fees for things like audit protection or an advance refund. If there is an issue with your return, we often do not charge additional fees for resolving the matter.


In addition to individual income taxes, we also prepare federal estate tax returns, inheritance tax returns, sales tax returns, and fiduciary income tax returns.

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601 1st Street, Traer, Iowa 50675

Bauch & Lechtenberg Law Office is located in Traer, IA and serves clients in and around Traer, Gladbrook, Toledo, Clutier, Dysart, Garwin, Buckingham and Tama County.

Bauch & Lechtenberg Law Office is a trade name operated by Lechtenberg Law Office, LLC, an Iowa limited liability company.

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